Monday, August 29, 2011

Trendy couch

This couch was made by the same pattern and principle as the beige couches in the living room. The basic structure of it is just cardboard, and it's extremely easy to make.  

  I started by cutting out squares that would make the different parts of the couch. Each part is made up of three layers of cardboard, so each part of your couch needs to be cut out three times. You glue them together like on the picture and glue fiberfill on top of the pieces that are on the inside of the couch.   
You can choose whether or not you do this, and where, I chose to stuff all the "sitting sides" of the couch.
The next step is to wrap the different parts of the couch in whatever fabric you choose to make your couch in. You glue the parts together and you're done!

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