Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This drawer is a replica of one that is in my actual room, and this room is a replica of mine. More or less. My walls are red and I don't have a couch, but you catch my drift. This COULD be my room.

It's made out of balsa wood and only the top drawer actually opens, but nobody knows that anyway.
The front panel has the opening for the drawer in it, the other drawers are just glued on top of it.
Side panels: 4 x 6 cm
Front panels: 7 x 6 cm

When glued together you get this.

The top panel is just 0,5 cm larger than the size of the cupboard, because the edges sticking out gives it a nicer look. With glass paper I rounded off the edges.

The drawer is made up of cereal-box-cardboard; thin enough so you can bend it, tough enough so it can hold stuff inside it. I taped it all together nicely with painters' tape, because this has a color similar to the balsa wood and makes the drawer look smoothe.
The size of this drawer is 5,8 x 3,8 cm and the height is 1,3 cm. (The sizes are so weird because I had to make sure the drawer would fit in the 1,5 x 6 cm hole I cut out for the drawer in the front panel.)

And this is the result! I gave it a layer of yellow encaustic wax, I do this with a lot of the furniture I make, because I use balsa wood for almost everything and I want to avoid all of it ending up in the same color.

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