Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kitchen counter

This little counter is made out of 2 mm thick balsa wood and cardboard tiles.

The sides are 4 x 6 cm, the back is 7 x 6 cm.
The front panel is 7,4 x 6 cm, so that the two side panels can be glued to the sides of the back panel and the front fits nicely on top.


The top of the counter is 5 cm x 8,5 cm. I rounded off the sides with glass paper.

This is the worst part. I cut out about 200 little squares, 4 x 4 mm, with what little patience I naturally have. I used a little white cardboard perfume box, which is cardboard as thin as the cardboard of a cereal box.

And then I glued all of them as regularly as I could on top of the counter.

Once this is done, it's time to make drawers in the counter. First I thought I'd just make a counter, plain and simple, but my kitchen doesn't have drawers yet and it bugs me because kitchens have drawers everywhere.

They are obviously just glued on there and not real. The handles are just elongated pony pearls.

The larger drawer is the same principle; cut out a piece of balsa and glue it on.

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