Sunday, September 18, 2011



Windows in my dollhouse are illusions, just glued to the walls. Some dollhouses have real holes in the walls, but unfortunately in mine this isn't the case.

So I decided to scatter windows all around in my dollhouse, every window giving a view on another place in the world that I love. 

This is Ben Cruachan, a 1026 m high mountain in Scotland that I climbed in 8 hours. I almost died.

First, I cut out a piece of thin cardboard, 5 x 7 cm (with a 2 mm extra border to glue the window frame onto.

 Next I glued the picture onto the cardboard back. And I cut out a balsa "window frame":

The curtains on top are so easy to make you'll be surprised; cut out a rectangle in whatever fabric you like and fold it so that it makes two 'flaps' like on the picture on top of this post. Tie two pony beads on some thread to make the pull up strings for the blinds and glue it on the top window frame. Done!

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