Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bathroom sink

This is my dollhouse bathroom. Obviously things like a bath or a toilet are very hard to make yourself, so those were bought and received from my grandmother.
The sink was made by me though, and it wasn't that hard.
What you need are not very hard to get objects; a little hook, earring closers, very small beads (one red and one blue), some very thin wood, an empty ink cartridge for a pen, a bottlecap, a toothpick with a brush and an old towel.

I made the "table" part of the sink from the clementine crate, because those are made of very soft and thin wood. You can cut it with scissors, but I wouldn't recommend it because scissors twist before they cut, which makes the wood splinter. It's better to use a cutter.
I cut a hole in the top part before assembling it, just a little bit smaller than the circumference of the bottlecap. Then I glued the bottlecap to the bottom of the top shelf, so that it would form a sink. After this I assembled and painted the sink cupboard, so that I would be able to glue the metal parts on it.
The tap was made from a hook from which I cut off the twist part with a metal cutter. The wood is too thin and fragile to twist the hook in, so I opted for cutting the end off and glueing it on. The hot and cold water handles are made of earring closers on which I glued little beeds in red and blue. I cut out a little square of an old towel to make it look like a washcloth. The bottom of an ink cartridge became a glass in which I put a toothbrush I made of a (clean! :s) toothpick with a brush on it. I cut off the little hairs except for a small area on top where I left them on. And this is the result:

Anyone can make this in one hour's time! 
The walls and floor were made by printing seamless tiles off the internet with my home printer. It's free, you can choose the proportions and colors and you have a wide range of different possibilities. I myself used these because our old bathroom at home when I was little had the same ones:

And then I copied them next to each other to match the size of the walls. Done!

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  1. I like how you use found objects to make some of your items. TTT (Turning trash into mini treasures) is one of my favorite things to do so appreciate you sharing how you make your items as well.