Sunday, July 3, 2011

You know those awesome round beds IKEA makes? Yeah I know how to make those.

I guess this doesn't really count as a good blog post yet because the room isn't finished, but is a dollhouse room ever really finished? This would be a little over the top zen if it were.
So we're focusing on that round bed in the corner (where it doesn't need to be because *gasp* it's a ROUND bed!) because it's a bed I've always wanted but could never afford or persuade my parents to buy for me. So my dollhouse inhabitants get it, because I'm generous like that.

So these delicious cheeses come in the most well made and simple little round wooden boxes, and the bottom part is a very good bed structure. I painted it purple because the bedroom walls were purple and I thought it would look trendy to paint a piece of furniture in a matching color. Also, I had to mix different tubes of paint to get that deep purple color and I made waaay too much. 

For the round mattress, I used four layers of quilt cotton batting, which is sort of a cotton wool "sheet" that the traditional quilting ladies stuff inside their plaids to make them thicker. I used this because I wouldn't know how else to get a mattress-like object to be round, unless I wasted a spunge on it and I hate waste. I cut the four layers of batting in a circle that would fit inside the bed and piled them on top of each other.

I cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the circumference of the bed, and sewed all along the borders of it. The thread needs to be stuck in so that you can pull the whole thread tighter in the end, so make a tight and secure knot in the beginning and use solid thread. Before you pull it tight though, you put the 4 layers of cotton batting in the middle, so that the fabric will embrace them all and keep them together like it were in one piece. This should be the result:

And then you can have fun making sheets, pillows, fleace plaids, anything to finish off the bed and make it cozy.

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  1. What a great idea! Love this and will certainly be making one or two for my Wee people.

    Thanks again