Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kitchen stove

I made the stove/oven in this kitchen myself, because I couldn't find anything remotely 'modern' in any store. The stove plates are made of some metal buttons I cut the bottom loop off of:

I started by cutting out the cupboard itself, which everything would be built around, in foam cardboard.

The upper part, the stoves, is where I began because it seemed like the biggest challenge. I measured the upper plate, divided it in 4 squares and pointed out the middle of them. That's where I would glue the buttons. Over these buttons I bent some wire to keep the pots from being right on top of the gas stoves.

The glass door with the oven behind it cannot be opened, unfortunately. I have seen ovens that can really be stuffed with turkey but yeah not this one. So the 'glass' is really part of a plastic paper sheet, it had a blue shine and I thought that would be better than just plain white.
I cut out a square out of the front panel of the cupboard, and cut out a piece of cardboard (a cereal box is the right kind) to glue on top of it so it would look like a separate door.

Now it's time for the inside of the oven. The 'box' was made out of thin cardboard (a Pickwick tea box to be precise) that I painted black first on the inside, and then white before the black was even dry. The two colors would blend together without turning entirely grey, so as to make the inside of the oven look more realistic and 'used'.

An oven needs a "compartiment" or a slide-in to put your pizza on. I cut that out of an old can, but BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT YOURSELF, the edges are extremely sharp. Needless to say, I cut myself. I taped the oven itself on the back of the front plate, since this will not be seen when the whole thing is assembled. I'm not glueing and waiting and holding and losing my patience if it's not strictly necessary, but you can do what you want.

 There, the oven and stove are now ready to be assembled. Result:

Oo la la.


  1. Nice job! I am working on a little red kitchen yours is adorable and gave me some good ideas. I got a small set already but this is good to keep in mind when and if I need another kitchen stove!!

  2. Awesome stove! Very creative thinking.

    Thank you so much for sharing.