Saturday, July 2, 2011


Here's my dollhouse living room. Every piece of furniture was made by me. The window has a view over New York city, Soho. I plan on making  more windows in my house, each of them with a view on some part of the world I love very much. This means they won't match but I don't really care about such formalities. I just used a picture I had of Soho, made a balsa wood window frame and glued it to the wall. The curtains are made of some fabric spun around a match, with a thread with beads hanging on the side to make it look like it can close up (which it can't). The laptop was made out of white foam cardboard and grey hobby tape. I chose to make it a Sony VAIO because I have the same laptop myself. I printed this out:

I cropped them to make them the right size for a dollhouse and to match each other (screen and keyboard), and then glued them on the cardboard I had cut out for the laptop 'body'. I finished off the edges of the cardboard with the grey tape and put the two parts of the laptop together with it. Done!


  1. Hello Chris,

    I am trying to get all my furniture onto the blog, but I made these before the thought of tutorials ever occurring to me.. You're right, I haven't explained these....

    Actually, they're really easy, they're just cardboard rectangles I glued on top of each other to give them a thickness, and then gluing some fiberfill on it and wrapping it in fabric. The back, the two sides and the seat are separate rectangles I made this way, and then I assembled it all with some glue.

    I plan to make a tutorial on them anyway, because mom is making some of these too and then I can take enlightening pictures :)
    Thanks for the support!

  2. I love the furniture! really nice space. Love the view from the window too.
    Looking forward to the tutorials also.