Friday, July 15, 2011

Ikea Fjellse bed

This is actually my own bed in my room, it was really cheap at Ikea! Since I like simplicity in furniture, I thought I'd make it for my dollhouse. It's easy and quickly done.

  This is the mattress support, it's out of foam cardboard because nobody will see it once your bed is made up. This is 9 cm x 10 cm.

Then I surrounded the support by balsa panels, so as to make the bed frame. I glued little wooden beads under it to make the beds 'legs', which aren't the same as the legs of the Ikea bed, obviously, but I thought little round legs didn't look bad on a dollhouse bed. I think if I had made them out of balsa, they would even have splintered and broken.

To make the "head" of the bed, I used matches of which I cut off the sulfur bit. I glued those on top of the frame as you can see here.

Next I glued one bar out of 0,5 mm balsa on top and on the sides, and the bed is finished! 

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