Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Personal computer

  This wasn't difficult at all. Luckily we have internet and flatscreens, which are much easier to make than those big old screens. The screen consists of three parts; the flat horizontal "foot", the vertical "stand" which holds the screen up, and the screen itself. All were made out of balsa wood. The foot is a square I cut out and then shaped to be a little rounded off at the front with glass paper (an asset you cannot live without when  you're working with balsa.


The stand is a small beam that I didn't cut out straight at the ends, but in a 45° angle in the opposite direction at each side. This way the stand isn't straight on the foot but leans towards the front, and the screen isn't straight but leans a bit backwards when you glue it on.
The screen itself is a screen printed off the internet, I glued the picture on a balsa wood rectangle. I cut the vertical edges of the screen differently though, if you ever saw a flatscreen you will have noticed that the edges point towards each other at the back of the screen, like this:
After gluing everything in place, I painted the entire bunch in black and felt really proud of having successfully crafted a miniature flatscreen.
The tower is a "box" I made out of thin cardboard, painted black and glued a printed out picture of a computer tower onto. The mouse is a small rectangle of balsa wood I shaped into a mouse with glass paper.
A computer isn't much without a keyboard obiously, so I made that out of a grey rubber sheet on which I glued a printed picture of a keyboard. I cut the rubber sheet into the same size as the picture, glued it on and voila.

The table and the stool were made by me too, by the same principles you can find in the "chairs are easy" post I posted earlier this week. Wasn't difficult, you just need good glue!


  1. Hurray X3 all looks so good!Is this soft wood?

  2. Yes! Balsa wood is soft wood :) You can cut it with your fingers almost