Monday, July 4, 2011

Nerdy objects

I saw no reason why a dollhouse couldn't be a true reflection of what young people are really into nowadays, so I decided to make an iPod touch and a Nintendo 3DS. No, I'm joking, I just thought it would be funny to stuff my dollhouse with electronics that are for hardcore gaming populace only.
The 3DS is the easiest thing in the world to make, you print off a 3DS you found on google after you cropped it into the right size, and glue it on a piece of thin cardboard. You fold it and you're done. The 3DS Pokemon game is the same principle; crop it the right size, print it, glue it on cardboard.

The iPod touch is not an amazing challenge either, although you need to be patient and handy to get the wires of the headphones right.

What you need is a rubber sheet, preferably black but another color will do if you have black paint, beads, black, rather thick thread and of course the printed iPod touch front.

I glued two beads together to make the headphones, the colors are entirely to your own liking I just didn't have any black beads.

I cut out the iPod front, glued it on a rubber sheet I cut into the same size and there I had an iPod.


The wire of the headphone was made out of thick thread I found in my mother's sewing basket. That thing is a goldmine. I made a knot for the "T-section" of the wire. I glued the thread to the back of the iPod because the headphones are actually stuck in the bottom of the iPod. You glue it to both bead-headphones and you have yourself a tiny MP3-player.


  1. Love it and i'm sure my Wee people would love one of these too! are the beads 4 pony beads or smaller ones?


  2. Yep, they're pony beads indeed !